The Farm

History, territory and activities

Our farm is located in the characteristic territory of Rignano Garganico, in an ancient farmhouse which dates back to the 17th century: it was born as a rural and animal farming settlement, its name has always been "la Masseriòl" (ie “piccola masseria” = small farmhouse) and through Kings, Church and local nobles it came in our hands.

The part of its story that is closer to our family begins in the early 1950s: the farm was dedicated to a traditional type of production (durum wheat and hay) as well as to the breeding of sheep, goats and cattle; in the 60s the cultivations became more varied and the agricultural practices more efficient.

Later, in the mid-80s, we gradually moved to an increasingly specialized activity, making "La Masseriola" an important name in the fruit and vegetable sector, also on an industrial production scale. Since the 2000s, we focused on the rationalization, modernization and diversification of our current business, in particular by focusing on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and exclusively on high quality products.


Giuseppe Iannacci

Relations and personnel management

Antonio Iannacci


Lidia Danza